Benefits Of Green Tea

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September 25, 2019
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Benefits Of Green Tea

Do you have the habit of drinking tea?If the answer is yes Green Tea can be a healthy option for you. Unlike regular Tea Green Tea has many Health Benefits which makes you healthy and keeps you going throughout the day.

Green Tea, Greek Yogurt, Oats, BlueBerries are foods which help in boosting metabolism.

  1. Healthy Weight Loss:- Green Tea increases metabolism of your body.Green Tea can be a great fat burner and doesn’t allow fat to get stored in the body.

2) AntiOxidant Rich:- Our bodies generate some byproducts which are called radicals.These radicals can damage the body by the process called oxidation.Green tea is a great antioxidant as it can counter the bad effects of oxidation.

3) Fights Cancer:- Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of cells.Increased oxidative damage leads to the growth of cancerous cells.The antioxidants in green tea helps in fighting cancer.

4) Makes you Immune System Strong:- Green Tea makes your immune system strong and helps to fight various viruses & bacteria.

5) Reduces Blood Pressure:- Consumption of Green Tea minimizes the risk of High Blood Pressure.

6) Increases Your Brain Function:- Green Tea will Make you Smarter!Green Tea improves the functioning of your brain.

7) Reduces stress and helps in Relaxation:-Green Tea can calm your mind and produce a relaxing effect on your body.

8) Lowers Cholesterol:-Green Tea removes Bad Cholesterol.Bad Cholesterol is bad for your heart.It improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

9) Reduces the risk of  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

10) Heart Health:-GreenTea improves Heart Health and manages the sudden changes in blood pressure.

11) Diabetes:-Green Tea regulates glucose levels and prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

12) Anti-Aging:-GreenTea contains antioxidants which acts as antiaging elements.It delays aging and makes you look younger.

13) Oral Care:-Green Tea kills the bacteria that is present in the mouth and helps in maintain oral health.

14) Good for Stomach:-Green Tea is of a great help if you stomach issues like constipation problems,bloating,acidity.

Green Tea Drinking Guide:-

  • Green Tea is high in antioxidants.Excess of antioxidants can increase toxicity and cause damage to your liver.So don’t drink Green Tea in excess.1 cup of Green is good enough for the day.
  • Never Drink Green Tea on empty Stomach after getting up from the bed.
  • Don’t Drink Green Tea immediately after your meals.
  • Don’t drink Green Tea just before going to bed as it will disturb your sleep patterns.

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