Weight Gain Guide for Underweight People

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September 25, 2019
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September 25, 2019

Weight Gain Guide for Underweight People

Gaining Weight can be quite difficult for many people.Skinny people are people who are underweight  and  don’t  seem to gain weight easily.Skinny people have high metabolism and low BMI-Body Mass Index.

There can be various factors which can cause a person to be underweight:-

1) Genetics;- Many people are genetically underweight should know about adipex vs adderall.The problem of being underweight runs in their family. These people naturally have a high metabolism

2) Diseases:-Diseases can significantly reduce body’s weight.Diseases like thyroid,diabetes,digestive diseases can seriously hamper weight gaining process.

3) Psychological Issues:-Mental and emotional imbalance can significantly affect our  health.Modern day diseases like stress and depression can reduce a person’s weight. Check more info on https://burniva.com/.

Tips for under-weight people:-
1) A weight gain program can be helpful for gaining weight.Weight gain plan tracks down your current weight,required weight and amount of calories required  to gain weight.

2) Eat  frequently and have  5 to 6 meals a day.Eat after every 2 to 3 hours .That will  maintain your metabolism at a proper level.

3)Choose foods high in calories like brown rice,whole wheat pasta,whole wheat bread,sweet potato,peanut butter,bananas.Each Meal must contain right amount of protein,carbohydrates and fats.Junk foods will spoil your health and bulk your body with unnecessary fats

4) Each meal must contain 500-700 more calories than you normally eat.Start from 200 to 300  calories and then gradually increase them.

5) Don’t  start your day with beverages like tea or coffee.Instead of that have a fruit like a banana or an apple.Your body is fasting for 8 to 9 hours when you are sleeping,so it needs something which is calorie-packed.

6) Lift weights for Lean Muscle Mass.Strength  Training will help you build Muscles and increase your muscle strength.Dont Focus more on Cardiovascular exercises. 3 Days of strength training and 1 day of cardio is ideal.Post workout supplements & Muscle Recovery supplements are available to muscle toning.Weight Loss Supplements also help in losing excess fat.Greek Yogurt is also a good post workout snack.

7) Eat foods with high proteins like almonds,nuts,cheese,milk,soya milk,whole milk,egg . Try to eat foods with healthy fats like nuts,peanuts,egg,cheese,chicken,fish.

8) Avoid eating food items with high sugar content.Foods like cakes,ice-creams,chocolates will lead to unhealthy weight gain

9) Foods high in calories:-whole wheat bread,cheese,sweet potato,peanut butter,banana.

10) Modern day lifestyle problems like stress and depression should be minimized.Having a healthy and a balanced self esteem can help in gaining weight.While eating concentrate on your food and don’t have food while watching TV.

11) Caffeine like tea,coffee reduces your appetite. Try to consume these in less quantities.

12) Keep away from habits like  smoking and drinking.

13) Have an positive attitude and focus on your goals.Initially it might seem difficult to gain weight,but if you keep on working towards the goal, results are visible. Keep small targets in front of you which are not unrealistic.

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