About us

Hawaii Pharma brings you the products for well-being from innovations and harmony with nature.
Our focus is to make people look and feel good..

HawaiiPharma is committed to bring you safe, nature based products to make a different in life, to make life more enjoyable, to get more energy, feel & look like never before.
Hawaii Pharma brings you innovation and nature together. We promote healthier and happier living.
We bring you youthfulness and vibrant lifestyle. We blend philosophy with harmony between us and nature.

Our Speciality

Natural Sweetner Flavorant

CIEOXA® is ideal to stay in shape great for carb control, workouts, and to reduce sugar face.

CIEOXA® Comes In Three Variants

  • Natural Sweetener Flavorant, with 50% Less Calories and less Sugar

  • Natural Sweetener Flavorant, with 50% Less Sugar & Therapeutic Fiber

  • Natural Sweetener Flavorant, with 0% Calories and 0% Sugar