Cieotrim®, a 100% natural vegetable prebiotic fiber is a basic nutrient fiber for wellbeing and good health.

    Cieotrim® Fiber can help for slim waist*, lean body* & must for on any weight management or weigh loss plan, when combined with healthy diet and regular exercise.

    Cieotrim® is proprietarily formulated and developed and evaluated by CEO and Registred Pharmacist for it’s efficacy.

Carbohydrates and sugar taken in from food are broken down into glucose inside the body. They are absorbed by the small intestine and sent to the liver. It is known that the action of Cieotrim® Fiber slows the speed with which the sugar is absorbed in the small intestine and it suppresses the rise of blood sugar after eating.

Cieotrim® helps suppresses blood glucose evaluation after meals.When ingested repeatedly, reduce after meals hyperglycemia and helps reduce excessive insulin secretion, therefore helping maintain carb.
Cieotrim® helps to attain low glycemic index* and helps suppress after meal blocd glucose elevation* and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Cieotrim® helps maintain lean body, maintain slim waist*, maintain healthy visceral fat* when combined with healthy diet and regular exercise.

Cieotrim® is a prebiotic fiber, meaning it stimulates the growth of the friendly good bacteria which live in our digestive system.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Adult and above 12 years old:

Dissolve 2 scoops (28g) in 4-6oz of water or smoothie and drink once a day about 15-20 minutes before main meal or 1 scoop (14g) in 4-6oz water or smoothie and drink twice a day, about 15-20 minutes before meals.

Children 12 years and under:

Consult physician before use.
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Value can be higher or lower depending on your calories need. ^Daily Value not established.
  • Resistant Dextrin
Q: What is Cieotrim®? What it contains?
Cieotrim® is specialized fiber for health benefits, conceptualised and formulated by registered pharmacist, is digestion-resistant maltodextrin fiber. Cieotrim® is made in USA from 100% natural, organic, non-GMO corn by chemical process to make it indigestible or digestion-resistant so it is not absorb in the body, in USA FDA is classified as a fiber, is also classified as a functional food for specified health use (FOSHU).

Q: What are the advantages of taking Cieotrim®?
A: Effect on carb: Cieotrim® blunts (reduce) after meal spike of blood sugar (postprandial hyperglycemia), and help regulate Carbohydrate metabolism. Effect on fat and triglyceride metabolism: Many studies have shown that digestion-resistant maltodextrin fiber suppresses fat absorption, possesses blood cholesterol lowering and anti-obesity effects. Mineral absorption: Cieotrim® digestion-resistant maltodextrin fiber increase absorption of iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium. Prebiotic effect: Cieotrim® digestion-resistant maltodextrin fiber is strong prebiotic, increases growth of good gut microbes for health. Effect on satiety hormone: Cieotrim® digestion-resistant maltodextrin fiber is clinically proven to increase satiety hormone, specifically PYY and GLP-1.
End effect: Cieotrim® can help weight management, healthy weight, weight loss, promote lean body, slim waist, healthy BMI, healthy visceral fat, maintain slim body, when combined with regular exercise and healthy diet.

Q: Is there any clinical study done on Cieotrim®’s active ingredient?
A: Yes there are many studies done independently for each claims, without any Cieotrim® conflict of interest. Those papers available through search engine using keywords, published by independent research study.

Q: What are other names of the active ingredient Digestion-resistant maltodextrin (DRM) fiber?
A: “Digestion-resistant maltodextrin (DRM)” fiber is also known as “indigestible maltodextrin” or “resistant or indigestible dextrin” (In European Union) or as “resistant maltodextrin (RMD)” (In USA).

Q: How to take Cieotrim®?
A: FDA recommended dose is total 28g/day. Best to take in 2 to 3 divided doses 14g twice or about 9g 3 times a day, about 15-20 minutes before meals. Ok to combine use as a slim water during workout hydration or with smoothie.

Q: Is Cieotrim “Natural”?
“Natural” claims can be questionable as chemical process is involved on 100% natural, organic, non-GMO corn, but is NOT made by chemical synthesis.

Q: What is FOSHU?
A: FOSHU means functional food for specified health use (FOSHU), where food is designed for health benefits.

Q: Is Cieotrim® digestion-resistant maltodextrin fiber safe?
A: Cieotrim® digestion-resistant maltodextrin fiber is designated as a GRAS status by FDA, means “generally recognized as safe”.

Q: What body parameters and blood work to be taken? (To check the progress.)
A: Body measurements consisted of body height, weight, waist and hip circumferences, blood pressure and pulse rate. Blood tests included hematological tests (WBC, RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelet counts), lipid component tests (triglyceride, total cholesterol, free fatty acids and RLP), biochemical tests [insulin, fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, ketone body fraction, AST, ALT, γ-GPT, ALP, LDH, total protein, albumin, uric acid, urea nitrogen, creatinine, sodium (Na), chlorine (Cl), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe)], adiponectin, leptin, high-sensitive CRP. These measurements and tests were carried out during the pre-study observation period, on the first day of treatment as Week 0, at the end of Week 4, 8 and 12 of treatment period and during the post-study observation period. CT was conducted twice: on the day of starting ingestion and 12 weeks after starting ingestion. The area for fat was calculated using Fat Scan CT. Include record of meals and workout.

Q: Who need to take Cirotrim®?
A: Even for the people who are lean, fit, and/or with slim waist, Cieotrim® is needed to maintain the fitness and healthy carb and fat metabolism. (Fix is more difficult than to maintain health.) Sport people and health freaks added benefits, for optimal mineral absorption like iron, calcium magnesium and zinc.
For people with higher BMI, obese, pre-diabetics and diabetics, this fiber is one of the must needed ingredient for healthy blood levels. Cieotrim® can help hyperinsulinemia and As per FDA, fiber is one of the basic nutrient?

Q: What type of fiber is in Cieotrim®?
A: Cieotrim® contains wheat dextrin, a natural soluble fiber. Because it’s clear, taste-free and completely dissolvable, it's a great way to support good digestive health and regularity.

Q: How is Cieotrim® different from other bulk fiber supplements?
A: Unlike some other fiber supplements, Cieotrim® is a taste-free, sugar-free fiber supplement that dissolves completely. Plus, it’s 100% natural.

Q: How much fiber do I need every day?
A: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that American adults get a daily fiber intake of 20-35 grams from plant foods, including both soluble and insoluble fiber. However, most Americans get only half this amount! Adding Cieotrim® to a healthy diet can help make sure you get adequate fiber and promote good digestive health.

Q: Is Cieotrim® powder flavored?
A: Cieotrim® powder is taste-free and can be added to most foods and drinks without changing taste and texture.

Q: What foods and drinks are Cieotrim® friendly?
A: You can mix Cieotrim® powder into your favorite hot or cold drinks such as water, coffee, or juice; and also into soft foods such as applesauce, pudding or yogurt; or cook fiber-rich recipes with it for such foods as muffins, sauces or soups, and it won't affect the taste or consistency. Cieotrim® powder is not recommended for carbonated beverages.

Q. Does cooking with Cieotrim® powder alter the effects in any way?
A: Cieotrim® is taste-free, completely dissolvable and non-thickening, so you can cook with Cieotrim® without changing the taste or consistency of your food. Bon appetite!

Q. How long do Cieotrim® products stay fresh?
A: Cieotrim® has a shelf life of 2 years. Just store at a room temperature of 68°-77°F (20°-25°C). Protect from moisture and be sure to check each Cieotrim® package for additional information and expiration date.

Q. Are Cieotrim® products safe?
A. Cieotrim® is generally well-tolerated and safe when taken as directed.

Q. Does wheat dextrin contain gluten?
A. Cieotrim® powder contains less than 20ppm of gluten and is considered gluten-free, based on the FDA definition of less than 20ppm. However, people who experience gluten intolerance should not consume any products, including Cieotrim®, that contain any level of gluten unless otherwise directed by their doctor.


John Doe

22 Sep 2017
I drink cieotrim every morning since past three months and I have seen changes in myself. Thank you so much for a wonderful product, I am looking forward to continuing to use it and combining it with some of your other blends.

Emily Tann

8 Jan 2016
Great service, as usual, my order arrived today.....just enjoying it and I liked it very much!! Will be on my next order for sure. Thank you for your great service.